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As of August 2024 billing, any utility customer with more than 1 trash cart will be charged per cart at the current rate.  If you have more than 1 cart and don't want to be charged for each cart, please contact the City Office and we will pick up additional cart(s).

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We're Hiring!!!


The City of Dighton is currently accepting applications for a full time maintenance worker.  Some duties include, but are not limited to: performing maintenance on city streets & alleys, installing and repairing water & sewer lines, installing and reading water meters, checking sewer lift stations, repairing and cleaning storm drains, operating department equipment, snow removal & other duties as assigned.  Employee must be able to become certified in water and wastewater.  Pay based on experience.  Benefit package includes health & dental insurance (100% paid by City), Kansas Public Employees Retirement System, paid vacation & sick leave, life insurance paid by the City and other supplemental insurance policies are available.

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City of Dighton's Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Water Report


Good Morning! The City of Dighton's 2023 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Water Report available on our website: Click on the "Residents" tab, scroll down to 'Departments' and in Water and Electric Utilities is our Water Quality Reports. Copies are also available at the City Office. You can stop by to read it or take a copy home with you!

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Medicare Information for Seniors


Are you or someone in your household looking at their options for Medicare in Kansas?  Here is a link to a guide to get a comprehensive overview of their choices, along with thoughts on how they can personalize their coverage. They can also find a list of resources to assist them in making the right decisions regarding health care coverage.

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Credit and Debit Fees Change


The City of Dighton has been notified by the vendor who processes all credit and debit card utility payments of a fee change. Beginning October 1, 2022, all online or in person credit and debit card payment charges will be changed to the following:

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2022 Fireworks Ordinance update


At the July 13th council meeting, we approved licenses for Scott's Fireworks and Zeke Moomaw Fireworks.  We also voted unanimously to allow the sale and discharge of fireworks inside the city limits from 10 AM to 11 PM beginning June 27, 2022 through July 5, 2022.  To view the complete ordinance, please click on 'Government' and choose Code Compliance or click on the following link. 

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Emailed agendas and minutes


In 2021, City Council voted to have meeting minutes available for printing in the Dighton Herald within 7 days following a meeting. Since January of 2022, both the meeting agendas and all meeting minutes are available to view on our website,

May 2022 appointments


Each year, May meetings are when the mayor announces nominations for the following yearly appointments…..municipal judge, city attorney, city clerk, and deputy clerk/treasurer. City Council unanimously accepted Mayor Lorimor’s nominations.

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Monday's trash route


We were notified by Northend Disposal Tuesday right before 5:00 pm the trash truck would be running the south route today, Wednesday, after the driver was out sick on Monday.  Sorry for the inconvience!

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Winter Storm Uri update


On Monday, April 20, 2021 at the city council meeting the city of Dighton choose to absorb the excess electric cost ($182,822.91) for the "Winter Storm Uri" by paying for it with money from the city reserves instead of passing the cost along to each electric customer as an increased utility bill. We know this will help each and every citizen and business of our great community. 

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E-mail Billing


Did you know that we can email your utility bill to you every month? Stop receiving it in the mail & save a tree. Come by or call the City Office & give us your email address.

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Online bill pay


You are now able to pay your utility bill online with a debit or credit card or e-check. Click payment options on the right hand side of the home page, then pay your bill now. Please have your account number on hand, as you will need to enter that. There is a service fee to use online bill pay, which is charged by Forte. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

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Having Electrical Issues?


If you experience electrical issues, whether it be an outage, low voltage, a disconnected electric service or an issue with a street light, please call (620) 397-5111. If you call after business hours, your call will be transfered to the after hours dispatch. Once again please call (620) 397-5111. Thank you!

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2020 CCR Available


The 2020 CCR is now available! Click on the Residents tab, then click water quality report. It will bring up the CCR for you to download or print.

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The City of Dighton partners with Kansas Municipal Energy Agency The City of Dighton is one of 118 Kansas communities who owns and operates their own electric utility. The City started the utility back in 1918 to power the city with lights. As with the other municipal systems in Kansas, the City reaps the benefits of a city-owned electric utility, including non-profit operations, local control through the City Council, low cost structure and customer-focused service. For the first 80+ years, the City operated and maintained its electric system with its own personnel. The last couple decades, the maintenance of the system was managed by Lane-Scott Electric Cooperative through a contract with the City.
After much discussion and deliberation, Dighton’s City Council decided to partner with Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA) to provide maintenance of the city’s electric system. “Change can be a good thing for everyone”, according to Mayor Doyle Capra. He explained “the City has been considering doing something different for quite some time and the KMEA proposal seemed to be a good fit for our community. This allows us to take more control of what happens within our utility.”
Paul Mahlberg, General Manager for KMEA explained “KMEA is a Joint Action Agency in the State of Kansas and exists to support our member communities. Dighton has been a member of our agency since 2011 and we are pleased to expand into the line maintenance service for the City.“
KMEA began providing maintenance of the city’s electric system May 1, 2020, but due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, KMEA’s ability to have its line crew in place has been delayed until May 26th. In the meantime, other KMEA member cities have stepped up and are supporting the City of Dighton with equipment and crews. During the month of May you will be seeing electric equipment and staff from the cities of Garden City, Russell, and Colby. “This is just another example of the benefits of municipal systems – we are all here to support each other to make public power the best it can be,” said Mr. Mahlberg. “We look forward to serving the City of Dighton for years to come and plan to provide a highlevel service to the community.”

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