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Whether you have a minor injury or the common cold, need an Ace bandage or a flu shot, we've got you covered!  Lane County Hospital & Lane County Medical Clinic are happy to provide you with their medical services. Lane County Health Department can help you with all immunizations, physicals, and a whole host of other services.  There's also Dighton Health Mart Pharmacy for all your prescription needs and other medical supplies. 

Lane County Hospital is located at 235 West Vine Street in Dighton. The joint CEOs are Jennifer Whipple, Director of Nursing, and Marsha Gabel, Financial Officer. The hospital is a non-profit, county-owned facility which is licensed as a Critical Access Hospital. We work closely with the local pharmacists who provide consulting services for our facility and physicians. Communication and collaboration are part of the relationship between our staff and physicians in an effort to provide the community with as many streamlined services as possible. Lane County Hospital does not discriminate patients based upon race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation.  You may contact the hospital at (620) 397-5321.  For more information, here's the link to their webpage:

The Lane County Medical Clinic is a hospital owned Rural Health Clinic located at 444 West Long Street in Dighton, Kansas. The Lane County Medical Clinic is a complete family practice clinic treating patients from infancy through senior adulthood. The Clinic offers basic services including wellness exams, pre-operative testing, Sports and School physicals, as well as allergy injections, and routine care. Lane County Hospital is just four blocks away for lab and x-ray services located at Lane County Hospital.
The Clinic Staff includes Dr. Justen Watkins; Disha Patel, PA-C; Harriet Vance, PA; Sean Conroy, PA; Mary Lou Borell, CNA; Jessica Lawson, LPN; Stephanie Hendricks, RN; Gina Cartmill, Clinic Office Manager; Dina Casey, Office Assistant; Kendra Hoffman, Receptionist.  To make an appointment or for questions, please call (620) 397-5316.

The Lane County Health Department offers a wide variety of programs to the people of Lane County. They offer home health services and also house the local food bank.  Arlene Doll, RN is the administrator and Public Health Nurse. Please visit them at 125 West Long Street in Dighton or give them a call at (620) 397-2809. Here is their Facebook page link:

At Dighton Health Mart Pharmacy, they care about their patients. In fact, we go "above and beyond" what the large chain stores or other pharmacies can offer. Since we are locally owned, we choose to take the time needed to provide better care. We are committed to making it easier for you and your family to manage your health through the personal attention, unexpected conveniences, and trusted advice only available from an independent pharmacy.  Dighton Health Mart Pharmacy is located at 105 East Pearl Street and you can reach them at (620) 397-5778.


Medical Providers

Medical Providers