Council is the governing body for the city and represents the legislative branch of our local government.  Some of the duties include review and approve the annual budget, establish long- and short-term objectives, goals, and priorities, oversee performance of the local public employees, set tax levies, enacts ordinances, resolutions, and policies, and authorize public improvements and contracts.   

A Council member’s goal is to do the very best to represent their constituents after they've seen to the needs of the city as a whole. Our Council consists of 5 members who are elected to a 4-year term. Our current Council Members are Craig Doris (Council President & Utilities Commissioner), Austin Bretz (Pool  Commissioner), Eric Steffens (Streets and Alleys Commissioner, Marlene ‘Charlie’ Rupp (Park Commissioner) & Janet Shapland (Finance Commissioner). Council meets every second Monday at 5:30 PM at City Hall.